Man Accused of Threatening Biden, Harris

Man Accused of Threatening Biden, Harris

( – According to US Code § 871, it’s illegal to threaten the president or successors to the presidency with harm. The punishment for such an act could include a fine and jail time. Recently, posts allegedly made by a Michigan man threatening the life of President Joe Biden (D) and others landed him in trouble with the federal government.

On January 29, Axios reported that the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Michigan confirmed that Russell Douglas Warren was charged with making several threatening statements on social media against Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris (D), and law enforcement agents. The posts also reportedly included threats to bomb “US government buildings.” Warren already appeared in federal court and was remanded at least until his detention hearing scheduled for February 2.

Authorities were alerted to the concerning posts on January 27 and determined the suspect was the source. In one post, he allegedly wrote that the POTUS was “condemned,” should be jailed, and “shall be hanged.” The posts also said the FBI headquarters would be bombed with all the agents and employees inside, in addition to the Secret Service. Apparently, he warned everyone to evacuate Washington, DC, because a bomb was coming. The Detroit Free Press reported that Warren has a record that includes assault with a dangerous weapon.

According to Newsmax, extremist experts warned that threats like these will only increase this election year, as conspiracies have been running rampant throughout the nation and are now embedded in American culture.

This isn’t the first time Biden’s life was threatened. In early 2021, a Utah man making threats against the president was killed in a shootout with federal agents. In 2022, two men were arrested for making similar remarks. In fact, The New York Times reported a surge in threats against politicians overall in the last few years.

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