Man Accused of Suddenly Attacking GOP Candidate

Man Accused of Suddenly Attacking GOP Candidate

GOP Candidate ATTACKED – Security Officials Rush In!

( – Threats against lawmakers have dramatically increased over the last five years. The Hill recently reported that the US Capitol Police opened nearly 9,625 threat assessment cases in 2021 compared to only 3,939 in 2017. Additionally, the department initiated over 1,800 investigations in the first couple months of 2022. Most recently, a man allegedly attacked New York’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin at a campaign event.

On July 21, David Jakubonis allegedly attacked Zeldin as he addressed supporters at a Fairport, New York, rally. Video shows the 43-year-old suspect shouting and leaping onto the stage and lunging at the candidate before security officials wrestled him to the ground.

Jkaubonis reportedly pulled a pointed weapon on Zeldin, but as the candidate later recounted, he was “able to grab his wrist” until others could tackle him.

New York’s Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul quickly denounced the attack in the “strongest terms possible.” The following day, reports emerged that Republicans were accusing her of encouraging people to stalk Zeldin shortly before the attack.

Hochul’s campaign distributed a media advisory hours before the incident mocking Zeldin’s “MAGA Republican” tour. The notice also listed the times and dates for several upcoming campaign stops.

Several leading conservative voices like Republican strategist Arthur Schwartz blasted Gov. Hochul, accusing her of orchestrating the attack. Likewise, political commentator Paul Joseph Watson accused the governor of encouraging the assault.

However, more recent reports cite investigators, who say the suspect claimed he had been under the influence of alcohol and didn’t even know who he was attacking. He’s been charged with both second degree assault and the assault of a Congress member with a dangerous weapon. He’s been released by his own recognizance, but will stand trial for the alleged attack.

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