Male Transgender Wants Gender Surgery In Effort To Have First Trans Abortion

( – The concept of men aspiring to have abortions isn’t new. For instance, filmmaker John Waters once said he wished he was a woman so he could have an abortion. Likewise, the South Park character Mr. Garrison had gender reassignment surgery in a 2005 episode and insisted he had a right to an abortion. A 2023 clip of a transgender man musing out loud about having a surgical procedure so he would have the first trans abortion recently started making the rounds again.

On June 9, Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life of America, reposted the 2023 clip of a transgender activist initially circulated by the Libs of TikTok. Coincidentally, the video has a logo for another Chinese-based video-sharing platform called InShOt in the lower right-hand corner.

Hawkins captioned the post with a direct quote from the clip, “I want to be the first trans woman to have an abortion,” and told her followers, “This is your daily reminder that demons exist.” The pro-life advocate also provided a summary of the transgender woman’s message.

Hawkins explained that “This man” wanted to “mutilate his body” by receiving a transplant of female reproductive organs so he could get pregnant, with the expressed goal of terminating that “innocent” child’s life.

A quick review of the clip confirms Hawkins’ representation of its contents. Donning pink star-shaped sunglasses, the narrator proudly proclaims their desire to undergo the first successful uterine transplant, complete with ovaries and eggs from a “trans-masculine donor” into a transgender woman. They vowed to “devote themself, heart and soul” to the required aftercare.

Then, the trans woman said they would participate in intimate “gay” relations to get pregnant and become the first trans to terminate a pregnancy surgically. The narrator concluded the clip by stating her desire to leave “transphobes and homophobes [scratching] their heads, wondering what to make of it.”

As of June 11, Hawkins’ clip had received nearly 2 million views, and the 2023 Libs of TikTok post had reached 4.3 million.

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