Major Coverup Hid Dozens of Civilian Deaths in Syria, Report Says

Major Coverup Hid Dozens of Civilian Deaths in Syria

( – History recognizes Major General William Tecumseh Sherman as one of the Union’s most celebrated commanders. He frequently spoke out against the scorched earth policies used against the Confederate States and coined the phrase “War is hell.” Sadly, a group of unarmed Syrian civilians learned that lesson the hard way — more than 150 years later.

On November 13, The New York Times provided details for the first time about a deadly US airstrike in the waning days of the war against ISIS. With a death count of about 70, the Baghuz Strike proved to be one of the largest incidents involving civilian casualties during the ongoing war on ISIS.

On March 18, 2019, uniformed personnel at a US military base in Qatar watched live footage from a drone as an American F-15E Strike Eagle dropped its 500-pound payload on a group of women and children huddled next to a riverbank.

Their horror quickly turned to confused disbelief as they watched another jet drop two 2,000 pound bombs on fleeing survivors. “Who dropped that?” a stunned military analyst reportedly remarked. Another person in the room replied: “We just [bombed] 50 women and children.” A later assessment estimated the death toll reached roughly 70 people.

Noting that the incident could constitute a war crime, a legal officer flagged the airstrike for a required investigation. However, as The Times reported, the Defense Department eventually dropped the investigation after stripping any mention of the strike.

The Times spent months piecing together details from the few remaining documents. It also interviewed personnel directly involved in the strike and other officials with knowledge of the incident.

What do you think? Did the government have a valid reason for covering up this bomb strike? Is there every justification for covering up any acts of war?

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