Mailchimp Silences 2nd Amendment Non-Profit

Mailchimp Silences 2nd Amendment Non-Profit

( – Last week, marketing company Mailchimp terminated services for the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), a pro-Second Amendment group. The non-profit organization had been using Mailchimp services to update its membership.

Philip Van Cleave, the VCDL’s president, told Fox Business during a January 15 interview that Mailchimp suspended their account without any warning. Continuing, he said that he believed its timing of their action was suspicious.

Philip Van Cleave has hosted a yearly rally against gun control measures at Virginia’s state capital every Lobby Day for the past 25 years. VCDL indicated in a statement that Lobby Day would be a peaceful demonstration, and that it was not the time or place for protests.

This sudden development is a blow for conservative and pro-Second Amendment organizations, especially during a time when Big Tech companies are working hard to censor conservative voices.

As we know, platforms like Facebook and Twitter banned President Donald Trump after the January 6 Capitol protests. Additionally, massive companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon targeted conservative social media platform Parler. Will smaller businesses start following suit?

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