Libertarians Call for Legalization of Child Labor

Libertarians Call for Legalization of Child Labor

( – Libertarians belong to the third largest political party, but they aren’t often in the news. That’s because they don’t hold many government seats across the country. Members of the party are advocates of personal freedom and limited government; they don’t think the government should become involved in people’s personal lives or medical decisions. They believe in free trade and that people should be free to raise their children however they choose. Although they don’t make the news as often as the other parties, they certainly did this week after causing some outrage.

On June 7, the New Hampshire Libertarian Party posted a Twitter thread calling for the legalization of child labor. According to the post, job sites provide a better educational experience to children than attending public schools. They also stated that the minimum working age is a “states’ rights issue” not subject to federal regulation.

The group’s final post linked to an article about the current labor market shortage posted by the Foundation for Economic Education. The accompanying tweet claimed child labor laws don’t stop “4-year-olds from working in coal mines,” they prohibit teenagers from working for florists.

Pressed on the tweets by Fox News, the chair of News Hampshire’s Libertarian Party stood by the posts, stating that many of the state’s child labor statutes don’t make any sense.

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