Letitia James Wants To Take Trump’s Assets If He Can’t Pay Penalty

Letitia James Wants To Take Trump's Assets If He Can't Pay Penalty

(RepublicanPress.org) – On February 16, Justice Arthur Engoron ruled on the New York fraud case against former President Donald Trump and two of his sons. He ordered the defendant to pay $355 million plus interest to the state of NY and both Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. to pay about $4 million — each. The ruling also included a three-year ban against the former US leader from doing business in the state and a two-year ban on his two sons. New York State Attorney General Letitia James, who brought the case, is set to ensure New York gets its money.

What Happened?

On February 21, ABC News reported that James said she would move to take Trump’s assets if he failed to pay the judgment. The AG said if the former president didn’t have the cash to pay, she would “seek judgment…to seize his assets” to pay off the debt — including the Trump Tower at 40 Wall Street. James said she looks at that skyscraper “each and every day” and promised she would ensure Trump pays his judgment to “New Yorkers.” While many, including Trump’s attorney during the trial, claimed his fraudulent actions didn’t harm anyone, James said quite the contrary. The AG said, “Financial frauds are not victimless crimes,” and if anyone else did that, the government would “throw the book at them.” She indicated that no one is above the law — including “former presidents.”

She told the news outlet that she was “very confident” the state would win if Trump decided to appeal. However, the defendant has to produce the judgment money or secure a bond within 30 days in order to file an appeal. Meanwhile, the judgment, totaling more than $453.5 million with interest, continues to grow daily.

Subsequent Actions

After the ruling, Trump’s team reportedly asked Engoron to pause the payment. However, the judge quickly rejected the idea through email, stating there was no justification for a pause. The New York attorney general’s office apparently sent a note to the judge the same day iterating that the defendant didn’t have “any basis” for a stay of the judgment and urged Engoron to stop any attempt to simply move Trump’s businesses from New York to Florida.

Some believe that the former president asked for a stay because he lacks the cash for an official appeal — speculation that Trump’s lawyers denied. If the defendant doesn’t have the liquidity to cover the judgment for appeal, reports say he could have to sell some of his assets. Trump Attorney Christopher Kise reportedly told Newsweek that his client is “confident” he will win on appeal.

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