Legendary Gold Mine Leads Brave Adventurers to Their Deaths

Legendary Gold Mine Leads Brave Adventurers to Their Deaths

(RepublicanPress.org) – Mystery has surrounded the legend of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine for the last 150 years. Reportedly located somewhere in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains, the allure of hidden gold attracted its fair share of treasure hunters. However, the region’s harsh terrain and weather proved fatal for many of them.

Denver hotel worker Jesse Capen decided to take a month’s vacation to find the legendary mine in 2009. Sadly, it took 3 years for search-and-rescue workers to locate his skeletal remains at the base of a 180-foot cliff. Three years later, three other “gold crazy” adventurers set out to find the treasure. It took rescuers six months to locate their bodies.

George Johnston spent the better part of 60 years trying to find the mine starting in the 1950s. He attributed the deaths to a lack of preparation on the part of treasure hunters in a 2016 interview. According to him, most of them carried an inadequate supply of water. If they sprained an ankle and were on their own, “they can kiss their lives goodbye,” he explained.

The legend began in the 1870s after Jacob Waltz, “the Dutchman,” reportedly located a gold mine previously mined by the Peralta family. According to local legend, all but two of them were killed by Apaches as they transported a load of gold back to their home in Mexico. Waltz supposedly found the mine with the help of a Peralta descendant.

Waltz later moved to Phoenix, where he died in 1891, and the location of the mine passed with him. At least for now, the Dutchman’s Lost Gold Mine remains a mystery.

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