Left-Wing Students Want to Abolish Campus Police

Left-Wing Students Want to Abolish Campus Police

(RepublicanPress.org) – After nearly a year of violent protests and calls to “Defund the Police,” one would hope that things would quiet down at some point. Sadly, protests continue to terrorize law-abiding citizens across the nation, and a group of leftists is targeting campus police.

A group of radicals calling themselves the Cops Off Campus Coalition organized a virtual campus walkout on Monday, May 3. Event organizers called on participants to skip attending or teaching classes that day with one goal in mind: to remove police from all campuses, public, private, college and K-through-12.

It appears the event was a bit of a bust. Capital Public Radio reported that only about 1,100 people pledged to attend the event. That’s not too surprising considering that their Twitter page has less than 1,500 followers.

Here’s the thing. What do you think will happen if they get their wish and campus police departments shut down? Their primary function is to provide for the safety and security of students. Perhaps it would spark a new movement to “Refund the Police.” Right?

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