Lawmakers Vote to Allow Permitless Concealed Carry in Their State

Lawmakers Vote to Allow Permitless Concealed Carry in Their State

( – It’s rare to see Republicans and Democrats agree on the most mundane political issues these days, much less on important measures like gun control. That divide was on full display recently in Alabama with the recent passage of measures allowing permitless concealed carry in both legislative chambers.

On Thursday, March 3, Alabama’s state Senate voted to pass its version of the gun measure along partisan lines, 23 to 6. The Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill earlier in the day. After about an hour, the Republican-led Rules Committee shut down floor debate, forcing a vote.

The measure now moves over to the state House for consideration. In February, the Alabama House passed a similar bill by a vote of 65 to 37.

The Senate version of the bill expanded it to include grants to sheriffs to offset the estimated loss of about $5 million in annual revenue from handgun permits. Senators also made a few other amendments to the measure, including the right of an officer to run a gun through databases to ensure it’s legitimate if they have reason to believe the person is about to commit a crime.

It remains unclear what passage of the bill could mean for Alabama Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections. However, the state ranks 10th in the nation in gun ownership and has a long-standing record of supporting open carry and other gun rights.

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