Lawmakers Urge Biden to Take Proactive Measures with Russia

Lawmakers Urge Biden to Take Proactive Measures with Russia

( – In 1991, the United States declared a diplomatic relationship with Ukraine after it claimed independence from Russia. Since then, the federal government has stated it believes keeping Ukraine free and democratic is of utmost importance. On December 14, US lawmakers called for the American government to expand shipments of weapons to Ukraine in anticipation of a Russian strike. They also requested the US impose sanctions on Russia to discourage it from attacking or invading the independent country.

The three lawmakers making the recommendation recently stated they were certain Russian President Vladimir Putin is serious about attacking Ukraine. Although they don’t want the US to provoke the Russian leader, the legislators also don’t want the United States to act too late.

Recent Russian Moves

Although Russia denies it’s looking to start a war, reports may tell a different tale. Moscow allegedly gathered 40,000 troops and military equipment near Ukraine’s eastern border and reportedly deployed 40,000 more troops to Crimea at the end of October into November. When confronted with questions about the move, Russia refused to provide information necessary to satisfy anyone’s concerns.

Ever since Ukraine declared its independence, Russia has wanted to reclaim the nation, if only to assert its power.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov recently stated the country wouldn’t “remain indifferent to the fate of Russian-speakers” in the southeast region of Ukraine, alluding to a possible upcoming conflict. In addition, casualties among Ukraine service members on the front lines are suspiciously on the rise, topping 27 in November despite a ceasefire deal from July 2020.

Military experts analyzing Russia’s recent moves in the region believe the country is preparing for war. Ukraine’s former deputy chief of staff, Ihor Romanenko, said he doesn’t know if the moves mean war will begin tomorrow, but he thinks Russia is preparing to make a “final decision” on its next move.

US Government Urgency

In December, the president spoke with Putin, warning him that his country would face sanctions, unlike any others that have been implemented if the Russian leader decides to invade Ukraine. Representative Mike Waltz (R-FL) thinks words aren’t enough. He believes the threat won’t deter Putin. Representative Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) wants to leave it up to Ukraine to convince Russia that an invasion of Ukraine would be bloody. None of the lawmakers, including Biden, intend to send US troops to the region.

On December 14, the Russian leader announced that he wanted to talk to the United States and NATO about Russia’s security. He also assured he would not expand farther east toward Ukraine. News outlets reported on December 17 that Putin made a list of security demands, including assurance that NATO would stay out of the former USSR and Eastern Europe.

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