Lawmakers Authorize Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Lawmakers Authorize Biden Impeachment Inquiry

( – After months of preliminary investigations, the US House of Representatives finally voted to move ahead with its impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden. Members claim that he hasn’t been truthful about his connections to son Hunter Biden’s potentially illegal business dealings, and they say the current administration has been stonewalling their efforts to get to the bottom of the possible scandal.

Newsmax reports that every Republican voted to put their support behind the impeachment proceedings. Not all agreed that they’d seen any evidence of an impeachable offense, but they did feel that the investigation was warranted and needed to continue. The proposal passed with just 221 votes, with all 212 votes against it coming from Democrats.

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY) claimed earlier this year that he and his colleagues compiled plenty of evidence proving President Biden abused his influence for financial gain, wrote NPR. He also alleged that the investigation was going nowhere because the White House obstructed investigators at every turn. A formal impeachment inquiry, according to the committee chairman, is the only way Republicans are going to collect the evidence they need without Democrats getting in the way.

The White House issued a press release on December 13, calling the GOP’s move a “baseless political stunt” and insisting that the Right was wasting time when so many other pressing matters were at hand. The statement accused members of Congress of having misplaced priorities, reminding Americans that the US was still standing by as people suffered and died in Ukraine and Israel fought terrorists in Gaza.

Hunter Biden was scheduled to appear for a private deposition that morning, but he failed to appear. He claimed Republicans would twist his words if the interview were allowed to remain behind closed doors and said he would be willing to testify only under more transparent conditions. Comer plans to oversee contempt of Congress proceedings against the younger Biden in response.

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