Lawmaker Reverses Decision on Reelection

Lawmaker Reverses Decision on Reelection

( – On February 3, 2023, Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN) issued a statement announcing her decision not to seek an additional term in office during the 2024 general elections. She cited the rigors of being a “working mom” and the need to spend more time with her two high school-aged daughters as her motivation to leave public service. However, she recently reversed that decision and decided to toss her hat back into the ring.

On February 5, Spartz emailed her backers advising that she had changed her mind and decided to run for another term representing Indiana’s 5th Congressional District. She noted that determining where a person’s duty lies is “never an easy task.”

Spartz explained that juggling family, country, and work can be daunting. So, she originally set aside her efforts to run for office to spend more time with her family in Indiana and “recharge” her batteries. However, Spartz said she decided to reconsider the position at the urging of several of her constituents. She pointed to the continued failure of leadership in the nation’s capital as a pivotal reason for her reversal.

The congresswoman was born in Ukraine’s Chernihiv Oblast during the tail end of the former Soviet Union’s control of that territory. She immigrated to the United States in 2000, shortly after earning a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in Kyiv. She obtained her citizenship in 2006.

Spartz’s statement noted that as a person “who grew up under tyranny,” she understood the “significance of [the] challenging times” currently facing the United States as the Russo-Ukrainian War continues to ravage her homeland.

The congresswoman stated that she would be “honored” to continue to fight for her “fellow Hoosiers” and all Americans in Washington, DC. She concluded her remarks by stressing the need for everyone to carry the torch for “countless Americans” who came before us to “keep the American Dream alive” for the country’s next generation.

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