Lauren Boebert Receives Unexpected Helping Hand

( – In early March, Representative Ken Buck (R-CO) announced his resignation from Congress before his term ended, shrinking the House’s GOP majority. His departure sparked a frenzy of Republicans clamoring to take his spot, and the timing put Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in a tough spot. But her party might have recently helped her chances to secure the nomination for the 4th District.

On March 28, a Republican vacancy committee chose former Parker Mayor Greg Lopez as the GOP candidate for the upcoming special election for Buck’s seat in June. The choice could boost Boebert’s chances of securing the nomination for the general election. That’s because Lopez only plans to hold the seat through the end of the term. Typically, an incumbent, even through a special election, would have a leg up in the general. With this choice, the field for the 4th District of Colorado is wide open.

Boebert applauded the choice on social media, congratulating Lopez while engaging in name-calling against her colleague — Buck. She called him “BUCKLE,” presumably blasting him for leaving his seat early and diminishing the GOP’s majority lead in the Lower Chamber. She vowed to continue campaigning to win the primary in June and re-election in November. However, her chances are not a lock. Boebert now represents the 3rd District but is leaving for the more Republican-friendly 4th District. Her move raised eyebrows and didn’t sit well with many voters.

During a straw poll in January, the Colorado lawmaker finished in fifth place out of nine possible contenders, earning only 12 out of 117 votes cast. After the embarrassing showing, Republicans against Trump predicted that Boebert’s new run for the House was “finished.”

However, although Boebert has been shrouded in controversy, she is still likely the most recognizable name on the primary ballot. That might help her with voters, but only time will tell how Republicans feel about her in June.

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