Lauren Boebert Makes Headlines After Incident With Ex-Husband

Lauren Boebert Makes Headlines After Incident With Ex-Husband

( – Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-MN) has found herself mired in controversy over the last few months. For instance, she was escorted out of a musical production of “Beetlejuice” last September after venue officials accused her of singing, vaping, and “causing a disturbance” during the show. She also ruffled some feathers when she abruptly announced her decision to switch districts for the upcoming election. Boebert recently made headlines again following an incident with her ex-husband.

On Sunday, January 7, The Denver Post reported that the Silt Police Department (SPD) Chief Mike Kite confirmed that his department was investigating an incident between Boebert and her former husband, Jayson Boebert, at a local eating establishment the previous night.

SPD officers responded to a call about a disturbance at a local steak and seafood restaurant called The Miner’s Claim. Kite declined to provide details about the incident but said he would release the report once investigators concluded their probe.

A non-profit group working to remove Boebert from office called American Muckrakers posted a brief statement on X (formerly Twitter) giving one version of events. The organization reported that Boebert punched her ex in the nose a couple of times at the restaurant and continued beating him up. Her husband was reportedly the one to allege that she hit him.

Muckrakers also posted a screenshot of an apparent text message providing additional details. Apparently, a relative of a police officer sent the message, claiming they overheard the police call on a scanner.

One of Boebert’s aides discussed the incident with The Daily Beast. The aide said the congresswoman’s ex-husband made an “aggressive move” toward Boebert while the couple were dining, and the congresswoman raised her hand, putting it on his face to block him.

Boebert denied punching Jayson in the face in a statement obtained by The New York Post. She also indicated that she would be contacting her lawyer to “evaluate” her options regarding the “false claims [her ex-husband] made” against her.

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