Lauren Boebert Gets Restraining Order To Block Ex-Husband

Lauren Boebert Gets Restraining Order To Block Ex-Husband

( – In April 2023, Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) filed for divorce from her then-husband of 17 years, Jayson Boebert. During the six months of their separation before the final divorce in October of that year, the lawmaker was in the news for her antics in public. But, recently, the controversy has involved the now-divorced pair. Two incidents involving Jayson Boebert in January caused the congresswoman to ask the court to intervene.

On February 5, the New York Post reported that the Colorado lawmaker asked the judge for a restraining order against her ex. The court granted the request with a temporary order after the representative alleged that Jayson Boebert threatened to hurt her and then himself. In a court filing reportedly shared by the Denver Post, Rep. Boebert told the Garfield County court that the threats were nothing new, but a consistent happening over “the past 14 months.” She also claimed that her ex-husband went into her home without permission and took her belongings to destroy them.

Mr. Boebert told The Associated Press that he just went in the house to clean because “her Granny” was coming for a visit. He told the outlet that he was just learning of the restraining order, saying that it was Representative Boebert who physically attacked him in a restaurant on January 6. While he was the one who called the police for alleged assault, Mr. Boebert was the one who got in trouble with the law for that incident. He told the AP he would “never harm Lauren,” and he wants to just “move on and be in peace.” He claimed his ex-wife is using the recent incidents as an excuse to switch districts — an accusation she denies.

The second incident leading to the temporary restraining order allegedly happened on January 9 between Mr. Boebert and their eldest son. He did not mention that supposed altercation in his communication with the AP.

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