Labor Department Reportedly Investigating Apple

Labor Department Reportedly Investigating Apple

( – The US government appears to be running out of patience with ongoing shenanigans from big tech companies like Apple. A new report revealed that the United States Labor Department launched an investigation into allegations that Apple retaliated against an employee who complained about working conditions.

In September, Apple fired 35-year-old Ashley Gjovik for reportedly leaking confidential company information. In reality, she alleges she complained about unsafe working conditions and systemic harassment on her Twitter account.

Gjovik also claimed the company retaliated against her numerous times for lodging official complaints. Apple allegedly tried reassigning her to another department as part of an effort to silence her.

On December 10, US Labor Department officials sent Gjovik a letter confirming they had initiated an investigation into her situation. She had worked as a senior engineering manager for the company for six years.

The mere fact that the Labor Department initiated an investigation doesn’t bode well for Apple. Employment lawyer Stephen Kohn told reporters the department maintains high standards for the proof required to launch a probe.

Officials from Apple declined to answer questions from new media outlets. Instead, it noted the company’s commitment to providing a positive work environment for its employees.

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