LA City Council Wants To Investigate, Sue Texas Leadership

LA City Council Supports Lawsuit Against Texas

( – Over the past several months, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has made it a habit to bus migrants from the Lone Star State to California. The Golden State touts itself as a sanctuary for those who cross the border to seek a better life in the US. However, California leaders believe Abbott is merely using the migrants as political pawns rather than trying to help them. Fox News recently reported that Texas sent its eleventh bus to Los Angeles this year, and the sanctuary city said it has had enough.

On August 31, the news outlet reported that the LA city council members decided they would look into whether they can file a lawsuit and launch a criminal investigation into Texas officials for bussing migrants to their locale. The council wants to see if Abbott’s program breaks any laws and whether they have jurisdiction to file legal action. So far, the Texas governor has moved 435 migrants from his state to LA, representing just a small snippet of the tens of thousands of people he’s shipped to other Democratic-controlled states.

Councilmember Hugo Soto-Martinez believes the Republican governors involved in bussing migrants out of their states and across the country are competing to see “who [is] more racist.” He claims Abbott doesn’t care about what happens to these people, and believes an investigation into the matter is warranted. The council is looking into whether the governor’s actions constituted kidnapping or human trafficking violations.

In June, the council asked the LA County district attorney, the US attorney general, and the California attorney general to look into pursuing legal action against Abbott. It’s unclear where that stands.

Regardless, Abbott’s spokesperson Andrew Mahaleris accused the council of being full of “hypocrites” because it advertises as a sanctuary city. He suggested the LA city council reach out to President Joe Biden for help instead of pursuing possible action against the Texas governor.

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