Kids Accused of Robbing Houston Bank

Kids Accused of Robbing Houston Bank

( – With so much of America’s banking happening online, bank robberies are nearly a thing of the past. According to the FBI, there were 1,612 bank robberies in 2022, as opposed to over 4,400 in 2012. While the numbers are decreasing, people still do rob banks. A recent case involved three youngsters whom the FBI in Houston dubbed the “little rascals.”

On March 14, the bureau put out a notice on social media with multiple pictures of three boys it claimed had “just robbed the Wells Fargo [on] North Freeway.” The post asked the community for help in locating the trio. Reports stated that the boys gave a threatening note to the teller and fled the scene with some cash from the bank. The parents of two of the boys turned them in to the police, while the third was identified by a law enforcement officer who recognized him.

Because the accused are all minors — 11, 12, and 16 — no further information about them was released. However, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez confirmed the boys were in custody and face a charge of robbery by threat. It was unclear exactly what the note said or how much money they allegedly received during the crime. The term “little rascals” was a reference to a TV series from the ‘50s of the same name. The show was about a group of mischievous kids from a low-income neighborhood and their adventures — oftentimes getting into kid-sized trouble.

The FBI Houston office apparently makes a habit out of nicknaming possible suspects. The bureau posted another call for help in capturing another alleged bank robber in the city a few days after the “little rascals” post. The office named this one the “Over the Hill Heister,” stating he robbed the Capital One Bank in West Houston.

Bank robbery in Texas is a felony, punishable by prison time and a fine. Since the suspects in this case are juveniles, it’s not clear what their punishment might be if convicted.

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