Kevin McCarthy Blasts Biden for Not Countering “Soft-on-Crime” Policies

Kevin McCarthy Blasts Biden for Not Countering

( – House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is fed up with Democrats, believing that they’re refusing to take action on skyrocketing crime rates across the country. In a February 3 tweet, he blasted President Joe Biden, VP Harris, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) at large for refusing to take action and get criminals off the streets.

As noted in the Tweet above, McCarthy feels that Biden and other DNC leaders are hyper-focused on stripping away Constitutionally-protected Second Amendment rights. However, he also believes Democrats, who currently maintain control over the House, continue to enact policies that permit criminals to violate the law.

In a Fox News exclusive published on February 3, McCarthy mirrored many of the same sentiments. “Soft-on-crime politicians are destroying our country,” he said. He also accused President Biden and VP Harris of bending to the will of the far-Left for their own political gain while simultaneously working to strip away 2A.

Biden “poses for photos and tries to divert attention to gun control,” he explained, “…as if guns shoot themselves.”

McCarthy took particular issue with Biden’s silence over ongoing problems with Manhattan’s District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The far-left prosecutor recently issued a memo indicating his refusal to prosecute cases involving marijuana, resisting arrest, trespassing, prostitution, public transportation fare fraud, or driving with a suspended license.

Bragg also wants the courts to lower mandatory bail thresholds so that fewer people await trial in jail. According to him, it’s essential to “reserve pretrial detention for very serious cases.”

The House minority leader’s solution to resolving the current DNC-led “disaster” is simple: ensure Republicans regain control over the House during the 2022 midterm elections. He says the GOP is fully committed to reversing overly permissive policies and will prioritize “getting criminals off the streets,” rather than encouraging them to violate the law.

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