Kennedys Betray Family And Throw Full Support Towards Biden

( – While voters mainly focus on President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump as the presumptive candidates on the ticket for the White House this November, they aren’t the only ones vying for the spot. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running on the Independent ticket, and some are worried about the effect his campaign will have on the election. Most of his family, however, don’t have his back in the race.

On April 18, several of Kennedy’s closest family members endorsed Biden for reelection. The candidate’s sister, Kerry Kennedy, announced her family’s official support for the president. She praised Biden, stating he’s the one who “runs into flames” so other Americans don’t have to, specifically pointing to the two times he visited an active war zone — a first in presidential history. Ms. Kennedy said reelecting Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris is the “best way forward for America.”

The event took place at the Martin Luther King Recreation Center in Pennsylvania during Biden’s visit to the state. At least 19 Kennedy family members were reportedly in the audience and behind the endorsement. Ms. Kennedy stated, “Nearly every single grandchild of Joe and Rose Kennedy supports Joe Biden.”

However, the move didn’t come as much of a surprise, as a large group of Kennedys visited Biden at the White House in March to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Kerry Kennedy posted a family photo with the Bidens, stating that the president ” makes [s] the world better.”

Ms. Kennedy, Rory Kennedy, and two of their siblings had already released a statement in October 2023 denouncing their brother RFK Jr.’s run for the White House. They said RFK Jr.’s choice to run “against Joe Biden [was] dangerous to our country.”

After the official endorsement, the president thanked the Kennedys for their support and friendship, stating, “It means so much to [him.]”

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