Kamala’s Secret Service Agent Brawls With Supervisor, Comer Launches Investigation

(RepublicanPress.org) – Several incidents related to the US Secret Service (USSS) have surfaced over the last few years, ranging from misconduct allegations to the loss and unauthorized distribution of sensitive information. The agency has conducted internal reviews and enacted reforms aimed at improving operations. A recent report from Capitol Hill indicated that House Republicans have launched an investigation into the agency, citing an incident involving an agent assigned to Vice President Kamala Harris’ detail.

On May 30, the House Oversight and Accountability Committee issued a press release announcing Chairman James Comer’s (R-KY) decision to launch an investigation into the USSS. This decision follows several incidents involving personnel and recent reports discussing potential vulnerabilities within the agency.

Comer sent a letter to USSS Director Kimberly Cheatle advising her of the investigation and his committee’s concerns about issues preventing the service from “fulfilling its mission to ensure the safety and security of its protectees.” The correspondence noted that the USSS’ responsibilities extended not only to the current president and vice president but also included foreign heads of state and their spouses when visiting America, former US presidents and their immediate family members, the White House, and national special security events.

The committee chair spent a considerable portion of the letter discussing a recent incident involving a USSS agent assigned to Harris’ security detail. Comer explained that the agent “physically attacked her superior at Joint Base Andrews. The agent, later identified by media sources as Michelle Herczeg, also attacked other agents who tried to subdue her.

Comer’s letter explained that the agent reportedly “chest-bumped and shoved her superior.” She also allegedly “tackled and punched him.” Comer also noted that the agent was armed but didn’t unholster her weapon.

The USSS distributed a statement to news outlets discussing Herczeg’s “distressing behavior. The service advised other agents to place her in handcuffs, and “medical personnel were summoned.” After an initial assessment, officials transferred Herczeg to a nearby hospital for treatment. Her current status remains unclear.

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