Kamala Only Whistling Abortion Tune While Dodging the War in Gaza

(RepublicanPress.org) – Presidential candidates typically use their running mates to address controversial issues while campaigning for office. By using the vice presidential picks in this way, White House hopefuls can test public reaction to a particular topic and mitigate potential backlash to themselves if the messaging fails. However, Vice President Kamala Harris seems unwilling to address issues surrounding the war in Gaza, opting instead to limit herself to whistling the abortion tune — over and over again.

The New York Times typically frames its new coverage from a liberal perspective, reflecting a fairly progressive take on political, social, and cultural issues. Yet, national politics reporter Jazmine Ulloa stepped out of her usual lane of covering the Republican primaries and wrote a piece criticizing the vice president for remaining silent on the war in Gaza while speaking to voters.

Harris recently visited Wisconsin, a key swing state, and devoted considerable time to criticizing former President Donald Trump for his past actions and current position on abortion. She cast the upcoming presidential election as a choice between the preservation of freedom — the “freedom to make certain decisions of heart and home.”

Ulloa’s article discussed the vice president’s failure to discuss the Israel-Hamas War or its impact on the civilian population in Gaza, topics of interest to the critical voting block of young voters. The youth vote helped carry Biden over the finish line during the 2020 election, and arguably, he can’t win without their support in November.

The recent pro-Palestine/anti-Israel protests at American universities from coast to coast have captured the news cycle for the last couple of weeks. Yet, Harris appears to have turned a deaf ear to mounting concerns by college students regarding human rights abuses and civilian casualties happening daily in Gaza at the hands of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Harris did address the topic of anti-Semitism during a brief exchange with a correspondent from WISN 12 News, a Milwaukee-based ABC affiliate. She said she was “very concerned” about the situation, noting that the problem has been growing since Hamas launched an attack on Israel on October 7.

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