Kamala Harris’ Remark About Trump Disqualification Sparks GOP Response

(RepublicanPress.org) – Recent polling averages show Donald Trump and Joe Biden neck-and-neck despite expectations that his recent conviction by a Manhattan jury would skew the numbers in the president’s favor. Vice President Kamala Harris recently weighed in on the verdict and the former president’s disqualifying behaviors, igniting the internet in a wave of controversy.

On June 8, Harris spoke at the Michigan Democrat Party’s Legacy Dinner and celebration. She began by sharing a few thoughts about the Israel-Hamas war and the recent rescue of four hostages by Israeli Defense Forces before turning her attention to the Manhattan District Attorney Office’s recent prosecution of the former president.

Harris told attendees Trump “openly” attempted to overturn the 2020 presidential election. She accused him of “openly” attacking the “foundations” of the American justice system. “Cheaters don’t like getting caught,” she stated.

Harris said, “Trump thinks he’s above the law,” adding her belief that “this should be disqualifying” for a candidate for president of the United States.

As one might expect, some conservative media groups pushed back on her remarks. For instance, The Western Journal published an opinion piece on its website and in its entirety on its X/Twitter page. The article speculated that Harris wanted Trump disqualified from the presidential election since his Manhattan conviction failed to “save Biden’s election disaster.”

The op-ed quickly made the rounds within MAGA circles on X, igniting a lively debate about allegations surrounding Hunter Biden’s criminal trial and House Republicans’ recent criminal referral related to alleged unlawful conduct committed by the president’s brother, James.

Likewise, Team Trump Michigan Communications Director Victoria LaCivita issued a brief statement to local news agencies slamming Harris. She said the vice president’s remarks focused on the former president’s “political persecution” because the Biden administration is “failing Michiganders on the issues every single day.”

LaCivita also noted that “The American people have seen [Trump’s] trial for what it is — a rigged political witch hunt orchestrated by the failing Biden campaign.”

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