Kamala Harris’ Office Under Scrutiny as Employees Depart

Kamala Harris's Office Under Scrutiny as Employees Depart

(RepublicanPress.org) – The view of Vice President Kamala Harris’ performance from the outside looks rather bleak. Real Clear Politics composite polling data shows an unfavorable rating of 51.6%. If the recent turnover of Harris staffers serves as any indication, the view from within the vice president’s office is equally grim.

In recent weeks, the vice president’s office has experienced a mass exodus of staffers, most notably that of senior advisor and chief spokesperson Symone Sanders. She claimed her departure at year’s end has nothing to do with any unhappiness with her job in the vice president’s office. Instead, according to Sanders, she deserved a break from the breakneck pace of campaigning and operation in Washington DC.

However, Sanders’ departure quickly followed the announcement that communications director Ashley Etienne was set to leave within weeks. Anonymous sources also claim that Harris’ director of press operations, Peter Velz, and deputy director of public engagement and intergovernmental affairs, Vince Evans, plan to leave soon.

The notably left-leaning CNN revealed multiple accounts of dysfunctionality inside Harris’s office. The Hill echoed that analysis in a December 3 report, writing that Harris’ “public stumbles… bad press, and staff squabbling” had overwhelmed the vice president’s office. Moreover, an unnamed source told The Hill that “no one seems happy.”

Some new outlets, like The Hill, are calling the mass resignation of staffers a “reset.” Whether their departure helps or hinders operations within the vice president’s office remains to be seen.

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