Kamala Harris Mostly Silent Amid Biden’s Economic Plan Woes

Kamala Harris Silent Amid Biden's Economic Plan Woes

(RepublicanPress.org) – When the American people elect a president into office, they also bring in the vice president who stood beside the leader on the campaign trail. So, when major presidential events are in the spotlight, like the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the current infrastructure bill controversy, the people expect the VP to weigh in on the issues. But, while President Joe Biden is spending time on Capitol Hill trying to convince Democrats to cooperate with not only one another but across the aisle, Vice President Kamala Harris is oddly missing.

Given the importance of the current issues to the United States’ economy, the expectation should be all hands on deck. Although Harris voiced her support of the infrastructure bill in early August, the Veep has kept a fairly low profile as discussions heat up. Instead, she jetted off to California in secrecy while economic talks continued.

Where’s the Veep?

In addition to her stark absence during infrastructure talks, Harris noticeably distanced herself from the events surrounding the controversial exit strategy from the conflict in Afghanistan, the terrorist attack that ensued, and the drone strike misfire that followed.

Though her current responsibilities include the crisis at the border, voting rights, and promoting the vaccination plan, the VP’s scheduled visit to New Jersey on October 8 does include discussions about the spending plan. But, when she spoke about the importance of infrastructure on October 4 in Washington DC, she took no questions. A report from Newsmax also points out that she hasn’t been called in by the White House to help build support for the legislation among lawmakers.

Political science and law professor Juscelino F. Colares suspects that Harris’ relative silence about supporting and promoting the administration’s spending plan is because she has no pull over the moderate Democrats standing in its path. In addition, he believes her recent fumbles in public regarding Israel and the southern border will do nothing to help President Joe Biden further his agenda. In fact, Harris’ presence may harm his efforts.

On the other hand, as Biden’s approval ratings fall, the vice president’s rating remains steady. So, it may be a strategic move to stay out of the limelight and far away from events damaging the president.

The Silence is Deafening

If Kamala aspires to sit in the White House as the POTUS someday, her political career could benefit from the distance. But, furthering her agenda is not why Democrats elected her into office during this administration.

So, while staying away from the center of attention and letting the president bear the backlash of current decisions may benefit Harris in the future, the decision could backfire into animosity among the American people as they decide whether or not she truly supports Biden’s plan.

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