Kamala Harris Aide Warns JD Vance Poses Biggest Debate Threat

(RepublicanPress.org) – Vice President Kamala Harris could be the person to defeat this election cycle. The latest polling figures from FiveThirtyEight showed that 50.0% of the individuals surveyed indicated they disapproved of her job performance — 56.1% said the same about President Joe Biden. Harris scored a negative 10.5% composite, and Biden hit a negative 17.7%. A former Harris aide recently discussed her concerns regarding the threat presented to the VP by Sen. JD Vance (R-OH).

On June 14, Ashley Etienne joined a group of panelists on CNN hosted by Laura Coates. The news anchor began the relevant portion of the discussion by pointing out a recent article from The New York Times that claimed Donald Trump was considering a running mate, at least in part, based on their ability to debate Harris.

Etienne, the former communications director for Harris, said that revelation could indicate that the Trump campaign had concerns about the vice president. She backed up her theory that Harris presented “somewhat of a threat” to team Trump by noting the vice president’s background arguing for her clients while practicing as a private attorney and California as the state’s former attorney general.

The former Harris aide pointed out something the panelists hadn’t considered yet. She said Vance would present “the greatest threat” to the vice president “in many respects.”

Etienne explained that Vance was “an incredible debater.” She also noted that he has “this quality” that appeals to the “one to two percent that might actually vote” or remain undecided who “will actually pay attention” to the vice presidential debates “because most people don’t.”

The Democratic operative continued her analysis by elaborating more on Vance’s positive qualities. For instance, she said he was “super smart… sharp, and quick-witted.”

“I think it is going to be a challenge” to see Vance and Harris meeting “face-to-face,” Etienne said. “Maybe it is just me, but I think [Vance] is gonna be the greatest threat” to Harris, she concluded.

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