Judge Shoots Down Hunter Biden’s Request To Drop Gun Charges

(RepublicanPress.org) – In September 2023, a federal grand jury indicted Hunter Biden on gun charges in Delaware. Charging documents accused Joe Biden’s son of lying on a firearms application to procure a handgun in 2018 while he was allegedly using illegal narcotics. One of the questions on the form was asking him if he was using drugs, to which he reportedly answered no. The prosecution claims that was a lie. Recently, Mr. Biden tried to have the charges dismissed.

On May 9, Judge Maryellen Noreika rejected Hunter Biden’s motion to throw out the gun charges against him. The defense claims the indictment against their client was unconstitutional under the Second Amendment. However, the court disagreed, putting the trial on track for June. That same day, Biden’s team lost another argument to have the gun charges dismissed with a federal appeals court.

The first motion asserted that the federal law banning citizens who use illegal drugs from purchasing guns violates the right to bear arms. The lawyers referenced the Supreme Court’s decision for New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen.

In that case, the high court found that a New York law regarding concealed carry violated the Fourteenth Amendment, concluding that citizens had the right to carry guns in public without having to prove the need for self-defense. The defense was successfully used in another case regarding a marijuana user. Although she denied the motion, Noreika said Biden’s team could use the constitutional challenge after the trial’s completion.

At the same time, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals was considering a group of motions brought by Biden’s legal team. The lawyers claimed their client was targeted for prosecution because he was the president’s son and that the charges defied a previous settlement agreement signed by the prosecution. Again, the judges said Biden could use those arguments after the trial.

Lead defense Attorney Abbe Lowell said Biden’s team will appeal again, putting the June trial in question.

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