Judge Hands Down Stiff Sentence for “Heinous” Crimes

Judge Hands Down Stiff Sentence for

(RepublicanPress.org) – Some crimes are especially heinous, but sentences do not always seem to align with the terrible nature of the crime. In West Virginia, one judge is taking no chances by ensuring a horrible criminal never sees freedom again.

On November 29, Marion County Circuit Court Judge Patrick Wilson sentenced Brian E. Lyon to a life sentence in addition to two consecutive prison terms of 139 years and 185 years. The judge was outraged at the crimes Lyon committed, which included murder and rape during a crime spree.

Lyon’s convictions include:

  • one count of first-degree sexual assault
  • one count of first-degree murder
  • one count of attempted first-degree murder
  • one count of burglary
  • two counts of using a firearm while committing a felony
  • two counts of first-degree robbery with a firearm specification

The conviction stems from an incident in September 2019. Lyon left a party with a man named Christopher Moses. The pair went to Moses’ home, where during the night, Lyon robbed Moses and his girlfriend, Dawn Smith, taking money, valuable items, and ATM cards. He also fatally shot Moses before raping and shooting Smith. Lyon stole Moses’ truck, leaving West Virginia and fleeing to Pennsylvania, where he burned the vehicle.

The prosecutor recommended a harsh penalty for the man out of fear that he would continue to commit crimes if he is ever free in public. The judge agreed with the assessment, saying the crimes were “as heinous as any I’ve seen” and handing down the lengthy sentence.

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