Journalists Issue Complaint After Biden and Johnson Meeting

Journalists Issue Complaint After Biden and Johnson Meeting

( – It’s no great secret that President Joe Biden’s aides have faced scrutiny for reportedly minimizing his contact with members of the media. Members of the press have complained about it frequently. Recently, a group of journalists decided to speak out after the latest reported attempt by administration officials to keep them from interacting with the president.

On Tuesday, September 21, Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a press conference in the Oval Office in the wake of the United Nations General Assembly. Johnson took a couple of questions from reporters, but White House aides shouted over journalists when they tried to ask the president questions.

Voice of America correspondent Steve Herman posted a copy of a dispatch from a White House press pool member. They advised the entire group to immediately lodge a formal complaint about the incident with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s office.

According to the dispatch, Psaki said she wasn’t aware of the situation, therefore, she couldn’t comment on the incident. She reportedly claimed Biden took reporters’ questions several times a week. However, during a press briefing on September 22, she went on to blame Johnson for opening up the conversation to the press without “alerting us to that intention in advance.”

Biden campaigned on a promise to maintain transparency with the American people. But how can he keep that promise if administration officials are attempting to shield him from media scrutiny?

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