John Fetterman Goes Full 180 On Woke Culture – Blasts Squatters!

( – Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) ran in 2022 as “a different kind of Democrat.” His record shows the accuracy of that statement — if it means constantly shifting on the issues. He’s described himself as a progressive when he isn’t claiming that he’s evolved beyond that set of values (see his response to criticism from the left on his view on the Israel-Hamas War). He recently veered 180 degrees to the right on so-called woke culture and blasted the illicit behavior of some migrants.

On April 6, Fetterman sat down for an interview with the New York Post’s Sunday political reporter, Jon Levine, in the bar of an upscale New York restaurant dressed in his trademark hoodie, shorts, and sneakers. After noting that he was “opening doors for other slobs” at the exclusive Michelin three-star eatery, the two men got down to business.

The conversation drifted to the issue of squatters, individuals who occupy abandoned or disputed buildings without legal permission. The practice is unlawful in many jurisdictions. However, in some areas, they can gain legal rights to the property if they “squat” there for a certain period of time under adverse possession statutes.

Fetterman blasted the concept, proclaiming that “squatters have no rights.” Noting that he had to deal with the practice as the mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, he questioned how anyone could justify pretending they were doing “anything other than… breaking the law.”

“I am not woke,” Fetterman declared before returning to his rant.

Fetterman said he found the whole idea wild that a person could go on a long trip “and someone breaks into your home” and “suddenly they have a permanent right to the property.” He compared the situation to car theft, questioning if a thief has the right to keep a person’s automobile simply because they “held it for 30 days.”

Fetterman also railed against the lax treatment of convicted criminals. He confirmed his attendance at police funerals and said individuals convicted of killing cops should spend the rest of their lives behind bars. He concluded that portion of the interview by warning that the country needed to assume a “smart and aggressive” posture on crime.

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