Joe Rogan Slams The View Panel “Rabies Infested Henhouse”

( – In 1999, journalist Barbara Walters put together “The View,” a panel of women discussing issues facing America and the world. While the seasoned professional retired from the show in 2014, the program continues. Today, the panel consists of Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and Ana Navarro. Recently, podcaster Joe Rogan slammed the group.

On April 3, Rogan interviewed author Coleman Hughes on his program, who had appeared on “The View” in late March. Hughes explained how he didn’t expect to be “ambush[ed]” by Hostin about his book and have his “character attacked,” describing the experience as “overwhelming.” Rogan chuckled at the author’s experience, stating that the show is a “rabies-infested henhouse” that “people love to hate.”

Hughes was on “The View” to discuss his latest book, “The End of Race Politics: Arguments for Colorblind America.” From the author’s perspective, racial inequality can be solved by treating people “without regard to race.”

Hostin said his viewpoint was “fundamentally flawed,” as she stated that statistics show race does play a factor in those struggling in society. She said many people in the Black community believe he is a “charlatan of sorts” and is being “used as a pawn by the Right.” Hughes fought back stating she had no proof he was “co-opted by anyone.”

However, Goldberg had a different perspective on the issue, commending Hughes for his viewpoint. The host said she understood the author’s point about race but suggested he consider peoples’ lived experiences as well. Hughes responded by saying he recognized Goldberg’s experience but felt in today’s world socioeconomic status was a better marker to focus on concerning help than relying on race.

On his podcast, Rogan asserted that Hostin, although “intelligent,” was “ideologically captured.” He added that the women on “The View” say “ridiculous things,” but the show is “fun to watch.”

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