Joe Manchin Reveals He’s Not Running Again

Joe Manchin Reveals He's Not Running Again

( – Republicans had to contend with the late Senator John McCain’s (R-AZ) tendency to reach across the aisle on important issues like the Affordable Care Act. Likewise, Democrats have similar challenges coping with Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) moderate position on issues like fossil fuels and government funding. Like McCain, he has voted with his Republican counterparts, derailing his party’s agenda. Manchin recently decided he would forgo reelection, but for reasons unrelated to his health.

On November 9, Manchin issued a formal statement and accompanying video announcing his decision not to seek another term. Instead, the West Virginian said he would focus his attention on traveling the country to engage with working-class Americans, talk to them, and see if there’s an interest in the creation of a “movement to mobilize the middle” and restore unity.

Manchin stated that the “growing divide” between Republican and Democratic lawmakers is “paralyzing” Washington lawmakers’ ability to do their job. He noted that the bulk of Americans “are just plain worn out” with the conflict and Congress’ role in “worsening” the country’s problems.

However, Manchin also indicated those problems didn’t have to continue. He said he knew the country wasn’t as divided as the Washington elite “wants us to believe.” Manchin pointed out that Americans have shared values regarding dignity, democracy, freedom, and family. He also noted that there’s still the belief that the country can come together and meet any challenge head-on that comes its way.

Manchin drew his remarks to a close by thanking the West Virginians who put their trust in him, adding that it had been the “honor” of his life to serve them. “May God bless America… West Virginia, and… every one of you,” he concluded.

Media outlets exploded at the news of Manchin’s coming departure from the Senate. Many of them, like The New York Times, explained that his decision to leave a vacant seat in a “deeply red state” threatened Democrats’ control of the Senate. Manchin’s decision to call it quits could make it much easier for Republican Governor Jim Justice to win the seat.

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