Joe Biden’s Offensive Comment Under Fire

Joe Biden's Offensive Comment Under Fire

( – The last year has been one of the nation’s bleakest periods for generations. In February, the US hit the grim milestone of half a million lives lost to COVID-19. The economic devastation left in its wake rivals the hard times endured during the Great Depression. The new president isn’t exactly helping with his latest rhetoric.

The country is weary from the loss of lives, jobs, the life they once knew. Tuesday, March 2, the Republican governors of Texas and Mississippi announced that they were lifting their statewide mask mandates and ordered the reopening of their economies.

President Joe Biden lashed out the following day, accusing them of “Neanderthal thinking.” Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves likened Biden’s remarks to Hillary Clinton’s “deplorable” comment in 2016. She set off a nationwide backlash when she said that “half” of Trump’s supporters could be grouped together in a “basket of deplorables.”

“I feel the same way that I did” when Clinton called people in middle America “deplorables,” he explained. It made him think it’s high time Biden got out of Washington and traveled to middle America.

Perhaps someone will remind Biden that America is a nation founded on freedom. They should also tell him governors know what’s best for their citizens, not politicians living in the Washington bubble.

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