Joe Biden Says US Economy Is “Leading the World”

Joe Biden Says US Economy Is

( – Inflation rates continue rising in the face of massive worker shortages and accompanying supply-side issues. However, that didn’t stop President Joe Biden from bragging about the state of the American economy during his recent visit to Glasgow, Scotland, where he attended the COP-26 climate summit.

On Tuesday, November 2, Biden held a press conference to discuss America’s future role in the global effort to combat the causes and effects of climate change. Asked if he could convince Republicans to agree to his proposals, he launched into a long-winded monologue about the current state of affairs in the US and the role of the private sector in funding climate projects. Then, he said the United States is “leading the world in terms of the fastest growing economy.”

However, the International Monetary Fund’s predictions from earlier this year seem to contradict his statement. Economic outlook projections indicate US growth is behind other big economies like China, India, and Spain.

“It has problems, mainly because of COVID… but it’s growing,” Biden proclaimed in his speech. He concluded by talking about the “gigantic opportunity” the country has to make a difference.

Biden made other wild claims about the state of America’s economy, like the unfounded assertion that “wages have [increased] faster than inflation.” However, as Politifact aptly pointed out, that claim only holds true for August and September.

Overall, Politico found Americans are worse off now than they were a year ago after analyzing average hourly earnings in relation to the consumer price index for inflation.

If Biden truly wants to address the issue of climate change, an excellent place to start would be having a command of the relevant facts regarding America’s ability to fund those efforts. What do you think?

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