Joe Biden Says COVID Is Keeping People Unhappy

Joe Biden Says COVID Is Keeping People Unhappy

( – The Biden administration appears to be crumbling under the weight of faltering public opinion. President Joe Biden’s approval figures continue spiraling downwards while the nation’s inflation rate continues its upward trajectory. However, the commander-in-chief recently blamed COVID-19 for keeping Americans unhappy.

Biden sat down for a brief interview with political commentator and podcaster Brian Tyler Cohen that aired on Saturday, February 26. Understandably, the subject of the nation’s economy arose during the conversation.

Cohen asked Biden about mounting frustration with the lack of economic progress, which has led to widespread unhappiness among citizens. The president said the psychological toll of the COVID-19 pandemic prevented Americans from embracing the benefits of a rising economy.

Biden claimed the nation was experiencing “the fastest growing economy” in decades. “Wages are actually up… Unemployment’s the lowest it’s been… around the three-point range.” However, according to the president, Americans can’t understand and appreciate the nation’s stabilizing economy when they wake up every day and “wonder whether or not” they or a loved one might perish from the coronavirus.

What do you think? Are you experiencing a shift in the amount of money you can keep in your wallet? With mounting issues like inflation, supply chain woes, and increased tensions overseas, do you think the people’s unhappiness is based solely on the pandemic?

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