Jen Psaki Urges Biden To Delay Press Conferences

( – President Joe Biden has a history of snubbing the media dating back to his inauguration. In late 2021, POLITICO reported that he only sat down for 10 interviews during his first nine months in office. The news organization noted that avoiding conversations with the media was “a distinct feature of [his] White House.”

Putting that figure in perspective, Donald Trump participated in 57, and Barack Obama agreed to do 131 at the same point in their presidencies. Curiously, Biden sat down for “at least double the number of interviews” during his first nine months as vice president. Stealing a page from the Trump campaign’s 2020 playbook, POLITICO accused the president of having a “bunker mentality.”

Biden also appears to have an issue with holding press briefings. He waited 64 days before making his first appearance before a group of reporters on March 25, 2021. Likewise, the latest figures show he only appeared at an average of only 11 press conferences per year, the worst record since Ronald Reagan.

The president’s former White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, recently offered some advice to her former boss regarding the media.

Jen Psaki Suggests Biden Put Press Conferences on Hold

Psaki appeared on ABC’s “The View” for a brief interview on May 6 to promote her new book, “Say More.” Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin kicked things off by mentioning the mounting criticism surrounding Biden’s aversion to press conferences and interviews.

Griffin said she thought the president could “dispel some of the concerns” voters have about his advancing age if he increased his interactions with the media. Continuing, she asked Psaki if she had any advice for Biden regarding his “accessibility to the press.”

Psaki said one of the benefits of the current media environment is the broader range of choices the president has regarding how and with whom to speak. Psaki acknowledged the importance of the free press and freedom of speech, adding that what the president should be doing is “trying to communicate with American people.”


Psaki said Biden “should come on ‘The View'” before he holds another press conference. Continuing, Psaki explained that although press conferences are important, today’s media consumer wants to see a real conversation about the pressing issues of the day.

Turning her attention to Biden’s recent efforts to speak to the American public, Psaki applauded the president’s decision to sit down for an interview with Howard Stern. She pointed out that it allowed him to reach a “broader audience.” Likewise, Psaki praised Biden’s recent interview with “the guys from ‘Smart List,'” calling it a “great podcast.”

Psaki concluded that portion of the interview by stating that “if you are in the White House, you’re not thinking about ‘am I checking the box on doing the most interviews?'” Instead, you are considering, “Am I doing the most I can to communicate my message to the American people?”

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