Jen Psaki Avoids Question About Biden’s Foreign Policy

Jen Psaki Avoids Question About Biden's Foreign Policy

( – Politicians and their spokespersons aren’t known for giving straight answers to questions reporters ask them. However, the Biden administration appears to have taken to skillfully using White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s notorious ability to provide non-answers.

Psaki’s skill in ducking uncomfortable questions was on full display during her December 14 White House press conference. A reporter asked her a two-part question: what did the administration consider its crowning foreign policy achievement, and what lessons did it learn from its greatest failure — the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Thoughtfully tilting her head from side to side, a measured and tight-lipped Psaki did what she does best — she deflected. Instead of answering the question, she heaped high praise on it before saying she would need time to consider an answer. Then the press secretary said she would need to talk to President Joe Biden about it.

Psaki is often accused of deflecting questions back to the president, and who knows when he might come around the press again. Biden is notorious for avoiding press conferences. He has had far fewer interactions with the press than former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

Will Psaki ever get back to the reporter with the answer or will it remain unanswered?

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