Ivanka Trump Scheduled To Testify in Court

Ivanka Trump Ordered To Testify in Court

(RepublicanPress.org) – In September 2022, New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a civil lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, some of his children, and others for fraud. Although the judge in the case already ruled that Trump committed fraud, the trial to decide penalties and to resolve other charges in the suit started on October 2. Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump were already set to testify. Now, another Trump joins the list.

On October 27, the Associated Press reported that Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that Ivanka Trump had to testify against her father. The former president’s daughter has been trying to avoid appearing on the witness stand. Ivanka Trump was originally named in the lawsuit with her father and brothers but was dismissed from the case in June. Her attorneys used that as one reason she shouldn’t have to testify. Engoron disagreed.

While she was supposed to testify that same day, lawyers in the case believe her questioning will require a full day – at least. Engoron said Ms. Trump will now testify on November 8. That date falls two days after the former president takes the witness stand himself. Former President Trump already briefly testified, but that wasn’t his formal testimony about the matters at hand. Instead, the judge put Trump under oath to answer for a comment he made outside the courtroom — despite a standing gag order.

Engoron did not believe the former president’s testimony, fining him $10,000 for the violation. That penalty was in addition to the $5,000 fine against him for a similar gag order violation.

According to the AP, Donald Trump Jr. will testify on November 1, followed by Eric Trump the next day. The ex-US leader will follow his sons, and Ms. Trump will be the last of the Trump children on the witness stand in this case. The trial is expected to end in late December.

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