Israel Braces For Iran Retaliation Attack

( – On April 1, Israel struck part of the Iranian Embassy complex in Damascus, Syria’s capital. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards stated the strike killed three Quds Force generals and four other Iranian officers. While the incident is still under investigation, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nassar Kanaani indicated there could be a retaliation against Israel.

The attack was reportedly part of a covert war launched by Israel to take out Iranian military leaders, nuclear scientists, and proxies targeting Israeli interests. That mission has only gotten more focused since Hamas attacked the country in October 2023.

Officials stated the recent strike in Damascus was a severe “blow” to the Quds Force and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps military and intelligence services. At least one former official called the move “incredibly reckless.”

Former senior CIA official Ralph Goff said the strike would only lead to an “escalation by Iran and its proxies” in the Middle East. He added that it puts American troops in more danger. However, he said the Israeli move was part of the country’s mission to degrade Iran’s military units to punish “them for ongoing plots to kill or kidnap Israeli Jews.” Likewise, a former Pentagon official who specialized in Middle Eastern matters said the strike could tip an “already volatile” situation in the region to an all-out war.

Following the attack, Iran’s media stated the country’s Supreme National Security Council determined the strike “required” a response. Hezbollah said the “crime” would not go unpunished, vowing “revenge.” CNN outlined four possible scenarios.

Those included Iran attacking US forces in the region, Iran mobilizing proxies to attack Israel, Iran attacking Israel’s interests elsewhere, or doing nothing — which seems unlikely. An attack directly from Iran is also unlikely.

Meanwhile, the United States is distancing itself from the attack. A US National Security Council spokesperson told CNN that the Biden administration had no hand in the strike.

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