IRS Supervisor Makes Major Allegations

IRS Supervisor Claims Investigation Being Handled Poorly

( – In December 2020, Hunter Biden confirmed the US attorney’s office in his home state of Delaware was “investigating [his] tax affairs.” At the time, he said he was “confident” that he did nothing illegal or inappropriate. An inside source told The Wall Street Journal that the investigation started after a bank flagged some of the younger Biden’s foreign transactions as potentially suspicious. Although the WSJ reported in October 2022 that some investigators believed there was enough evidence to bring charges against Hunter Biden, prosecutors have not indicted the president’s son for any crimes.

On April 19, the same news outlet revealed an IRS supervisor wrote a letter to Congress claiming there were problems with an “ongoing…high profile” investigation from 2020 — without specifically naming Hunter Biden. An unnamed source apparently familiar with the matter said the missive in question was regarding the president’s son.

The Accusation

The whistleblower’s letter stated they had information that contradicted testimony from a “senior political appointee,” that politics were “improperly infecting decisions and protocols” in the case, and there were “conflicts of interest” left unchecked. Though the letter didn’t specifically mention Hunter Biden’s name, The Wall Street Journal and other news outlets claimed to have confirmed it was about the investigation into him.

Neither spokespersons from the IRS, the Department of Justice, the US attorney’s office in Delaware, nor Hunter Biden’s team commented about the allegations. However, Fox News reported the White House denied “any political interference.”

The letter, reportedly signed by the IRS agent’s attorney Mark Lytle, requested whistleblower protections on behalf of his client. The lawyer stated that the tax entity supervisor was willing to share the information he has about the matter even though it allegedly puts his client at risk of “retaliation. The attorney said the agent already shared the information with the DOJ’s inspector general and internally at the IRS.

Reactions to the Letter

Lawmakers quickly responded to the whistleblower’s allegations. Fox News reported that many politicians on Capitol Hill assume the letter refers to the Hunter Biden investigation and are demanding the Biden administration be held accountable for allegedly interfering in the matter. House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY) called the possibility of the administration “blocking efforts to charge” the president’s son with tax crimes “deeply concerning.” The Kentucky lawmaker said the House Oversight Committee will hold the Biden administration accountable for “covering up…criminal activity” — if true.

Days before the letter to Congress, Comer released a statement regarding the Oversight Committee’s investigation into the Biden family’s financial records. He said the committee received “thousands of pages of financial records,” to examine. As of yet, neither the House nor any other governmental entity has brought any legal action against the Bidens for financial wrongdoing.

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