Iraqi Village Suffers Horrific Attack

Iraqi Village Suffers Horrific Attack

( – Tensions continue mounting in the Middle East. Former President Donald Trump targeted the Islamic State (ISIS) during his first term in office, substantially driving the terrorist group out of Syria and Iraq. However, ISIS appears to have ramped up its attacks throughout the region, most recently in Iraq.

Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported that an October 26 attack in an eastern Iraqi village resulted in 11 deaths and more than a dozen wounded. Local security confirmed officials believe ISIS led the attack on Al-Rashad, located in Diyala province.

An anonymous source told AFP several civilians were among the individuals killed and wounded by small arms fire during the attack. Both sources confirmed that the village is home to several Iraqi security services members who are part of the same Bani Tamim tribe as the provincial governor. According to AFP, security personnel locked down the village and sent for reinforcements to hunt down the attackers.

This incident comes in the wake of other terrorist actions led by ISIS throughout the country. For instance, a September attack left 13 Iraqi police officers dead, and another one in July killed about 30 people.

Sadly, if reports are accurate, this attack serves as yet another grim reminder that ISIS is still operational and doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon.

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