Iran Snubs US by Rejecting Offer for Direct Negotiations

Iran Snubs US by Rejecting Offer for Direct Negotiations

( – The United States entered into the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) along with France, Germany, the UK, Russia, and China in 2015. Donald Trump withdrew from the agreement in mid-2018 and announced the reinstatement of sanctions on Iran. Since then, Joe Biden has been reaching out to Iran, who is now turning the other way.

The European Union announced it would host talks in an effort to restore the JCPOA, which was scheduled for mid-February 2021. The Biden administration quickly responded that Robert Malley, the special envoy for Iran, would probably attend a meeting in the event that European efforts to broker one succeeded.

However, Iran formally rejected the offer to meet with US officials on February 28.

This is renewing tension between the regime and Western nations. Senior-level Western diplomats stated Iran’s refusal didn’t kill hopes of renewing the 2015 agreement. However, for now, talks appear to be at a standstill.

An unnamed senior Biden administration official said the US would meet with the remaining signatories to the agreement to pursue diplomatic efforts with Iran.

It remains unclear when State Department officials might meet with their European counterparts along with China and Russia. We will keep you updated on this story.

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