Iran and Taliban Accuse US of Pushing War in Afghanistan

Iran and Taliban Accuse US of Pushing War in Afghanistan

( – The Trump administration took historic actions to promote peace throughout the Middle East, brokering historic agreements between several Arab-Muslim countries and Israel. Under Donald Trump’s decisive leadership, the US and the Taliban signed an agreement in late February 2020; it was aimed at restoring peace to Afghanistan after nearly two decades of military conflict.

On January 26, 2021, Afghanistan’s leading media companies reported Taliban representatives were meeting with Iranian officials to discuss the Afghan peace process.

The following day, Iranian state television reported that both Taliban and Iranian officials accused the US of promoting continued military conflict in Afghanistan. This comes after a decision by the Biden administration to review the February 2020 agreement.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan spoke with Afghan officials about the White House’s decision during a January 22 call. Five days later, Afghan Taliban co-founder Mullah Baradar accused the US of breaking the February 2020 deal.

It appears that it took less than a week for Joe Biden to tip the scales back towards continued aggression in Afghanistan.

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