Investing in Lego Sets Could Earn You Big Bucks, Study Says

Investing in Lego Sets Could Earn You Big Bucks, Study Says

( – People looking for ways to make their otherwise idle money “work for them” frequently turn to the purchase of stocks, bonds, and other commodities. However, research indicates that anyone interested in earning big bucks should consider looking into LEGO sets.

The SSRN, formerly known as Social Science Research Network, recently updated a study on “alternative collectible investment assets,” emphasizing LEGO sets. Conducted by Moscow’s National Research University Higher School of Economics, it determined that high demand for iconic toys with diminishing supplies over time appeared to yield high returns in secondary markets. In simple terms, collecting popular toys like LEGO could reap huge profits in the future.

The study found that purchasing these popular building sets outperforms similar purchases of traditional investment items like bonds, stocks, gold, and other commodities. According to research, from 1987 to 2015, investments in LEGO sets yielded an average return of at least 11%, or about 8% in real terms.

As it turned out, unlike traditional investments, the potential profits for these purchases typically are not “exposed to market, value, momentum and volatility risk factors.” For example, the Moscow researchers found that LEGO set investments didn’t suffer a severe impact during the 2008 crash.

Who would have thought that LEGO set stored in the attic along with other retired toys could turn out to yield such amazing financial rewards?

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