Investigators Believe They’ve Solved Zodiac Killer Cold Case

Investigators Believe They've Solved Zodiac Killer Cold Case

( – The infamous Zodiac Killer terrorized local communities in the San Francisco Bay Area in the last 1960s. As one of America’s most prolific serial murderers, he murdered at least five people between December 1968 and October 1969 and baffled authorities by leaving behind a series of complex riddles. The cold case experienced a couple of unusual twists this week.

On Wednesday, October 6, a group of more than 40 former law enforcement officials and investigators called Case Breakers announced they identified the Zodiac killer as US Air Force veteran Gary Francis Poste. He died of natural causes in 2018.

Case Breaker member Tom Colbert told the San Francisco Chronicle they uncovered new forensic and physical evidence proving Poste committed the murders. “I absolutely feel we solved this case,” he stated.

The group said they positively identified Poste as the killer by comparing a police sketch of the Zodiac Killer to photos of Poste. In addition, they claim they matched scars on Poste’s forehead to ones on the police drawing. They also said they found Poste’s name in anagrams sent by the killer.

The Plot Thickens

Officials from the FBI’s San Francisco field office and the San Francisco Police Department appeared to contradict the Case Breakers’ claims.

They refused to comment directly about the group’s announcement. However, San Francisco police officials told the press the case remained open. They also state the department routinely receives tips from individuals and groups claiming they discovered the Zodiac Killer’s identity.

Similarly, San Francisco FBI officials said the Bureau’s investigation into the Zodiac killings “remains open and unsolved.” They also said that out of respect to victims’ family members and the ongoing nature of the FBI’s investigation, it would not offer any additional information on the case.

A Previous Breakthrough

In December 2020, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that a group of code-breakers from the US, Australia, and Belgium cracked one of the Zodiac Killers riddles. The Chronicle received the 340 Cypher, as the riddle is called, in November 1969.

David Oranchak, one of the code-breakers, told the San Francisco Chronicle, the killer’s cipher mocked law enforcement authorities. “I hope you are having lots of fun trying to catch me,” the decoded message reportedly said. It concluded with the Zodiac Killer stating he had no fear of facing the gas chamber because it would send him to paradise sooner than expected.

The group forwarded the reportedly cracked message to the FBI. A spokesperson for its San Francisco office confirmed receipt of the allegedly decoded cipher, but refused to comment further about it.

What do you think? Will they ever discover the identity of the Zodiac Killer, or will it remain a mystery forever?

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