Inmate Put To Death After 1993 Killing

Inmate Put To Death After 1993 Killing

( – In 1993, Casey McWhorter shot and killed 34-year-old Edward L. Williams during a robbery in Alabama. The killer was just 18 years old when he conspired with two other teens to steal from the victim’s home and murder him before making their getaway. All three were arrested, but McWhorter was the only one to receive a death sentence. Thirty years later, that punishment was carried out.

On November 16, CBS News reported that McWhorter was executed by lethal injection and pronounced dead at a southwest Alabama prison at 6:56 in the evening. His two conspirators, Edward Lee Williams, Jr. and Daniel Miner, are serving life in prison. The victim’s brother, Bert Williams, spoke out after the execution, saying the length of time for the state to serve justice was way too long, but at least it was served in the end. Mr. Williams also commented on the peaceful way McWhorter was allowed to die, unlike what his brother went through.

Edward Williams reportedly fought for his life. When he arrived home to find the teens, he attempted to disarm Miner, and McWhorter shot him during the struggle. In all, the trio shot Williams 11 times. His daughter, April Williams, said in a statement that she thinks about her dad and misses him every single day. She said he should be alive and well, enjoying his retirement and playing with his grandkids.

The killer used his last words to send love to his own family and apologize to Williams’ loved ones for his actions. McWhorter said he hoped they would “find peace.” According to the news source, he also used the opportunity to take a swipe at the prison warden, calling it ironic that a man who previously faced domestic violence allegations was carrying out the sentence. His defense attorneys fought against his execution, stating it was unconstitutional because he was too young at the time for the sentence — to no avail.

During a recent interview with the Associated Press, the killer stated: “One dumb decision can alter your life…forever.”

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