Influencers Deceived Into Promoting Fake Company

Influencers Deceived into Promoting Fake Company

( – Word-of-mouth recommendations and critiques spread throughout social media platforms like wildfire these days. That phenomenon led to the rise of a relatively new group of online marketers called “influencers.” They usually command a large following on their accounts, attracting the interest of companies and individuals wanting to promote their products, services, and brand. Unfortunately, the trend sparked a wave of online crimes.

A new United Kingdom startup company called CryptoEats recently convinced a handful of celebrities and influencers to promote its offering as an alternative to food delivery company UberEats. However, unlike UberEats, the company said it planned to accept cryptocurrency for payment.

By the time everything was said and done, the fake company managed to fraud investors out of half a million dollars before vanishing out of sight entirely.

The faux company’s creators worked up a logo and convinced influencers to promote them by posting videos praising them on their TikTok accounts. In one instance, they convinced an influencer to wear some of the company’s swag. The fake company threw a party and used a well-known press release agency to lend credibility to their scheme.

What’s interesting about his particular case is the fact that all traces of the company appeared to vanish overnight.

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