Identity Thief Discovered After Getting COVID Vaccine

Identity Thief Discovered After Getting COVID Vaccine

( – Jerry Leon Blankenship, 65, walked away from his life in 1977, and never looked back. Blankenship is a deserter from the US Navy. To evade taking responsibility for his actions, he stole the identity of the father of his then-wife’s child (with her permission) then used his name and Social Security number to start a new life. Recently, all of that came to an end.

Blankenship managed to obtain three fraudulent drivers licenses in his home state, Tennessee. His girlfriend, who never knew his true identity, started a business with him in Knoxville. As far as anyone knew, Jerry Blankenship didn’t exist until he decided to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The real victim, who didn’t receive the vaccine, was notified someone got it using his name.

Blankenship didn’t just use his new name for legal purposes or avoid detection; he became that person. His story could be mistaken for something out of a novel. He even allegedly lied to the mother of his children who he’s been with for 30 years. She is actually the estranged daughter of his first ex-wife. One of his children wrote a touching note to the court pleading for leniency, calling Blankenship a good man who made a huge mistake.

On March 21, a judge sentenced him to 25 months in prison and another 3 years of supervised parole. A release from the US Department of Justice (DOJ) says Blankenship will most likely also face a military tribunal for desertion.

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