Hunter Biden Team Pushes for Dismissal of Gun Allegations

Hunter Biden Team Pushes for Dismissal of Gun Allegations

( – In September 2023, US Special Counsel David Weiss brought gun charges against Hunter Biden, alleging that the president’s son lied about his illegal drug use when he purchased a weapon in 2018. According to Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, no new evidence was revealed in the six weeks since her client cut a deal in July 2023, indicating that Weiss caved to Republican pressure to charge Hunter Biden.

On January 30, The Messenger reported that Biden’s legal team filed a series of documents with the court arguing that charges against the president’s son should be dismissed. Weeks earlier, Weiss asked US District Judge Maryellen Noreika to dismiss the legal briefs filed by Biden’s team in December 2023. He called their claims of partisanship “meritless,” stating the team “produce[d] no evidence” to support the allegations against the special counsel.

According to Newsmax, Biden’s attorneys wrote that the charges were unconstitutional and merely brought because President Joe Biden (D) is running for re-election. They indicated this was Weiss’ way of helping the Republicans defeat him in the upcoming general election.

The first son’s counsel also said the court should honor the previous plea deal between Hunter Biden and the Department of Justice in 2023. The deal, which included gun and tax charges, would have kept him out of jail as long as Biden met certain conditions. When Noreika questioned the deal, it fell apart.

Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to the gun charges, stating he didn’t lie about his drug use on the 2018 form. He only kept the weapon for less than two weeks. The Associated Press reported that Biden’s lawyers claim he didn’t commit a crime and any other non-violent, first-time offender wouldn’t even be facing charges.

That claim is bolstering the assertion that these particular charges were only brought because Hunter Biden is the president’s son, and it’s an election year.

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